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Introduction to the Genesis Rainscreen System

Genesis Rainscreen System has evolved following extensive research and development by Realstone and their partners within the stone facades marketplace. The Genesis Rainscreen System has passed the CWCT test for ventilated rainscreen systems, at Wintech

The Genesis Rainscreen System comprises of a series of façade tile options in different materials that can be selected by the designer and used in conjunction with a vertical aluminium rail and clip substructure.

Developments are calling for fast track construction techniques to enhance performance with regard to build time and programme. Clients are demanding reduced build time and weather tightness as a necessity to ensure that the schemes can be let as soon as possible.

Architects are choosing more and more varied façade treatments as an alternative to traditional products such as bricks and mortar which are more time consuming to install. As we are all aware, traditional bricks are predominately on the critical build path and ultimately slow the build programme down considerably.

Specifiers are opting for façade treatments that can be installed quickly and with the minimum of on-site wet trades thus achieving ‘weather tightness’ sooner. This allows the internal fit out packages to be commenced earlier, ultimately resulting in an ‘on time’ completion.

Specialist subcontractors often find themselves now being asked to take single source responsibility for many different façade treatments, this often involves being responsible for the installation of systems with many different support details and causes many design interface problems.

Genesis Rainscreen System overcomes all of these problems for both the specifier and the specialist subcontractor and allows for generic detailing by the designer and ease of installation by the installer.

Genesis Rainscreen System benefits from a single support system that is designed to carry several different façade treatments. The system may also be fixed floor to floor and facilitates movement.

• The Genesis Rainscreen System substructure has been developed
with the following remit:
• High Strength – spanning capabilities
• Low Weight – high quality extrusions
• High Speed – ease of installation
• Universal substructure arrangement – many façade types on one substructure

• Genesis Rainscreen System is a ventilated rainscreen
façade solution with the horizontal edges of the panels manufactured at
90°. This permits the use of an open horizontal joint that is more effective
than a closed joint system for air and thermal movement

• The panels are secured to the vertical rail using a stainless steel clip. To prevent vibration, the panels are compressed against a neoprene strip incorporated within the face of the rail profile. The neoprene strip is concealed from view to prevent any degradation by ultra-violet light

• The Genesis Rainscreen System has been thoroughly tested and is capable of supporting loads far heavier than most panels specified. The profile has been designed to accommodate any thermal movement of the panels and to eliminate any possible problem due to the atmospheric corrosion or bimetallic reactions between clips and rails

• Genesis Rainscreen system can accommodate the installation of building services such as drainage, electric and telecommunication services, water pipes, ventilators and flues without the need to incorporate bespoke access covers or plates on the visible façade

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